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Start 2024 With Trusted Mortgage Advice

It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor in 2024!
8am - 10pm, 7 Days a Week

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Start 2024 With Trusted Mortgage Advice

It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor in 2024!
8am - 10pm, 7 Days a Week

0800 029 3757 Speak to an Advisor - It's Free!
Malcolm Davidson Mortgage Advisor on the Phone

Looking to purchase a new property or remortgage in 2024?

At UK Moneyman, we’re proud to say we have successfully guided tens of thousands of customers through new property purchases and remortgages. Offering tailored mortgage advice for all situations. If you’re looking at purchasing a new property in 2024, whether you’re a first-time buyer, home mover, or looking into shared ownership. We’ll use our knowledge of the mortgage market and lending criteria to find you the best mortgage deal.

If your current mortgage is set to end in 2024, our advisors can help. We’ll compare the latest current mortgage deals against what your existing lender is offering. Also, if you’re considering releasing equity through remortgaging, we’re here to find the most suitable mortgage for your situation.

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We can help you find a mortgage in 2024 for:

Whether you’re a first time buyer, existing homeowner, experienced landlord, or you’re looking for something more complicated, we’ll have mortgage options for you. 

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Income types accepted:

  • Employed income. 
  • Self-employed income. 
  • Benefit income.  
  • Freelancer/contractor income. 
  • Company owner.  
  • Investment/rental income.  
  • Pension income.  
  • Combination of income sources. 

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Top 5 FAQs When Comparing Mortgage Deals

What is a mortgage broker?

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A mortgage brokers responsibility is to help clients find the best mortgage deal for them based on their individual situation.  A mortgage broker, also known as a mortgage advisor, can search thousands of deals to save their clients time and money.   

The mortgage broker role acts as a bridge of experience and knowledge between borrowers and mortgage lenders.   A mortgage broker will also offer guidance and support throughout the whole purchase or remortgage process and help clients overcome any hurdles that they face along the way such as with surveys, legal reports, valuations, etc.   

Getting a mortgage isn’t easy and by having a mortgage broker by your side throughout the whole journey can prove invaluable.   

As a trusted mortgage broker, we’ll look at your financial situation, compare your mortgage options, use our knowledge to navigate through lender criteria, and guide you through the application process, all whilst finding the best deal. 

Why should I use a mortgage broker?

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The main advantage of using a mortgage broker is that you’ll be in for a smooth ride.   It’s not easy getting a mortgage approved and offered and the journey can prove stressful and time consuming without a mortgage broker on your side. 

Your mortgage broker will be experienced in dealing with all client situations and will have vast knowledge of lending criteria.  Your mortgage broker will aim to get your mortgage application with the most suitable lender for your personal situation right first time! 

Often, the interest rates advertised on price comparison sites and social media are only used as sales tools and are not readily available when customers come to apply. 

Our mortgage brokers work hard to save you time and effort by handling paperwork, negotiations, and communication with lenders on your behalf. At UK Moneyman, we offer expert mortgage advice, ensuring you make informed decisions and choose a mortgage that aligns with your financial goals and circumstances. 

What lenders do mortgage brokers work with?

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A mortgage broker can access all mortgage lenders’ products in the marketplace to get you the best deal with the most suitable lender. 

There are lots of factors to consider when placing a deal with a mortgage lender such as service level speed, interest rates, and lending criteria. 

Is a mortgage broker and a mortgage advisor the same thing?

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Yes, a mortgage broker and mortgage advisor are the same thing in a company like ours.  Our company is classed as a mortgage broker, and our advisor’s job titles are mortgage and protection advisors.   

Where this won’t be the case is in a bank or company that can only offer mortgage deals from their own range and aren’t able to shop around to find you the best deal. 

How long does it take to get a mortgage?

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It takes on average 1-21 days to be approved for a new mortgage, usually by this time, 99% of our clients have received their mortgage offer document. A mortgage offer is valid for around 6 months which will give time for your conveyancing process to be completed.   

Approval will usually be more streamlined and quicker using a mortgage advice service via a broker due to their expertise and having a dedicated case manager by your side chasing it up and connecting the services.   

The length of time it takes to get your mortgage approved will be influenced by the complexity of your financial situation, for example, your credit score, your income mix, how big your deposit it and if there are any valuation or survey problems to overcome.   

You can help your mortgage advisor and case manager get your offer faster by being quick to reply to any emails and provide any documents that are required along the way such as your ID, bank statements and proof of earnings.   

What do mortgage advisors do?

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Mortgage advisors, often called mortgage brokers, save you both time and money by getting you the best deal and remove the stress throughout the process by dealing with your lender on your behalf.  

Mortgage advisors provide valuable guidance and support throughout your entire mortgage process. Our mortgage advisors at UK Moneyman will assess your financial situation, review your borrowing capacity, and recommend suitable mortgage options based on your needs. We are here to help with the application process, gather necessary documents, and liaise with mortgage lenders on your behalf.  

Mortgage advisors have access to exclusive deals that will not be available to you directly and have the experience and knowledge to place your application with the lender most suitable for your situation, usually resulting in a quicker mortgage offer document.   

Our mortgage advisors offer expert advice on different products, interest rates, and repayment terms, ensuring you understand the implications of your mortgage choices. They will also look to recommend appropriate insurance to help protect you and your family’s financial future. Their goal is to help you secure the most suitable mortgage deal tailored to your individual circumstances. 

Can a mortgage advisor help me find the best mortgage rate?

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A mortgage advisor will help you find the best mortgage deal for your personal situation.  Often, the headline rates that you see advertised online and on social media will not be available to most customers due to loan-to-value ratio and lending criteria.  

Our mortgage advisor team will shop around thousands of deals on your behalf, saving you both time and money and will recommend the best deal for you.   

Often, mortgage advisors can access exclusive deals that are only available via intermediaries also. It’s always worth speaking with a mortgage advisor to get a free quotation.   

Mortgage rates change daily therefore if you’ve got an older quotation, it’s always best to get this updated when you’re ready to proceed.  Our mortgage advisors have some brilliant intermediary only software that will search both criteria and rates to get you the best deal available.   

Also, factors such as employment type, the amount of deposit you’re putting down and credit history will influence the mortgage rate you pay. 

What happens when my fixed rate mortgage ends?

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At the end of your fixed rate mortgage deal, if you’ve taken no action, you’ll be placed on to your lenders standard variable rate (SVR).    

As part of our mortgage advice service, we contact our clients from 6 months before their mortgage deals ends to secure a new rate.  By locking in a rate 6 months before, our clients have peace of mind that they are protected against any future interest rate increases.  

Our clients will get a second roll of the dice as most lenders will allow you to switch to a better rate if rates have reduced in the 6 months running up to your end date.   

Your mortgage advisor will consider your further advance mortgage deals that are available with your current lender and compare these with a remortgage to a new lender.    

As your fixed rate is ending and before you secure into a new mortgage deal it’s a good idea to consider your plans, for example, is your property the right size, are you looking to release any equity for home improvements etc.  Your mortgage advisor can help you here.   

With your fixed mortgage rate ending, you may have options to consider such as changing the term of your mortgage, adding or removing a name, making overpayments etc.   Our mortgage advisor team will be able to help here should there be anything you’d like to discuss.   

What information do I need to provide to a mortgage broker?

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During a quick conversation, just basic details such as income and employment is fine and what you are looking to do.  Your mortgage broker will be able to answer your questions and give you a rough idea of how much you can borrow and how much it will cost.   

To proceed with an application, your mortgage broker will need to ask you certain questions to complete their ‘know your customer’ fact find.  Information such as address history, work situation, how many children you have and your objectives/plans with the new property will be discussed.   

Documents such as ID, 3 months bank statements and proof of earnings will also be requested to evidence your situation and you’ll need to pass a credit check with your new mortgage lender. 

What happens if my mortgage application is declined?

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Speak to a trusted mortgage broker! Many of the clients that approach us have already tried something first, whether this be online or with their bank and have hit a problem along the way, even after a mortgage offer has been issued.    

Getting a mortgage isn’t easy and it’s not all about applying for the lowest rate you see.  Opting for mortgage advice, you’ll benefit from your brokers expert technical knowledge of lending criteria and experience to get your mortgage placed right first time.   

Hurdles such as failing a deeper second lender credit score or overcoming a conveyancing or property type issue are the main reasons for declines. Another one is taking new credit out after your mortgage has been offered and then failing their affordability checks, an example of this is buying a new car on finance.    

Mortgage lenders have access to in-depth credit information from many sources and they can run credit checks anytime, right the way up to your completion date. 

8 Reasons to Choose UK Moneyman for Mortgage Advice

We are open every day of the week!

We are able to work around your busy moving schedule, always there when you need support.

Benefit from a Free Mortgage Appointment.

You won't have to pay us before we do anything! We're only paid on getting results.

You will get a dedicated case manager.

You can worry less knowing that you'll have the same person to work with all throughout your process.

We work for you, we have your best interests at heart.

We will be open and honest at all times; finding you a deal that suits your personal and financial situation.

Insurance advice for you and your family, free from jargon.

We'll recommend the most suitable insurance products to protect you and your family, should you become seriously ill or unable to work.

1000s of possible mortgage options.

We will compare different mortgage deals across the market. We have a large panel of mortgage lenders to choose from.

We have a lot of experience and knowledge.

It's likely we will have encountered something like your situation before. We will use what we know to further your case.

From the start until completion.

We will be there for you throughout your whole mortgage process, recommending the best mortgage deal for your situation.

Finding you the right mortgage deal in 2024.

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