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First Time Buyer Buy to Let Mortgages Explained

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some types of buy to let or commercial mortgages.

Most buy to let Lenders want new customers to be existing homeowners but it is possible in some circumstances to obtain a first time buyer buy to let mortgage. You will need to have a good income in order to qualify for one of these, usually, £25,000pa or more and also have a 25% deposit. 

Whilst it is unusual for a first time buyer/first time landlord scenario to occur, sometimes it can where the applicant is young and wants to continue living in the family home or if they live with a partner but they are not named on their mortgage


Hi, it's Malcolm, and I'm joined by my colleague Wayne. Today we're going to be talking about first time buyer buy to let mortgages. Some people might be wondering why on earth a first time buyer would buy a buy to let property rather than purchasing a property to live in.

Why do some first time buyers choose buy to let first?


An example of this is you might be in a job where you've got tied accommodation with your employer. It could be that you're in the armed forces, and you might be posted in different locations, but you like the idea of actually making that investment in property.

Maybe you're just comfortable living at home but want to get something for your future down the track.

Why are lenders so limited for first time buyers to be first time landlords


Now only a small number of lenders will allow a first time buyer to take out a buy to let mortgage. Why do you think that is?


It comes down to risk. Lenders will always assess the risk, and if you are buying a property to let, you're not living in it. If things don't go to plan and your tenant stops paying you, but you've still got that mortgage commitment to make, you might be more inclined to think, The roof over my head is not at risk here, so I'm going to let that go. That's not great news for the lender.

The other thing is that lenders like to look at what your background is. Now, they can build up a much better picture of you if you've already got a mortgage on your house that you live in, and you've proved that you pay your mortgage payments on time. Such things as your credit score are more likely to be better because you've already got a mortgage.

It's back to that angle of risk. If you are buying for the first time on a property to let, it might not be as straightforward as a lender would like.


The other thing is that for a residential mortgage application, you're not going to be able to get more than the lender's maximum multiple of income, whereas Buy to let affordability gets assessed differently.

They tend to work from the projected rental income. So there's a danger for lenders that this first time buyer might try and circumnavigate the rules and live at the property themselves.


That go buy to let, as we call it.


Search for the lenders in the first time buyer, first time landlord market, and they might carry out their affordability assessment as if it were a regular residential application.


They could certainly look at it that perspective, and make sure that it fits.


Can a customer just take out a normal residential mortgage instead, because we get asked that quite a lot.


The honest answer is no. People seem to think, why does it matter as long as I qualify for a mortgage? But as advisors and lenders, they price their products according to your intended usage of that property, so the risk factors are different. If you are going to live in a property, it's not being let, you can't have a buy to let mortgage on it.

Can you do an interest only mortgage as a First time landlord, first time buyer?


If you're in a situation where you're comfortable at home living with parents, but you've got a 25% deposit and you want to get into buy to let market, can you do an interest-only mortgages, as a first time landlord, first time buyer?


Generally, with buy to let mortgages you can. The risk is no more to the lender doing it that way, so it would still be available.


It’s an unusual situation, but something that we do come across from time-to-time. As a first time buyer, you probably need a bit more help and guidance along the way, and we're certainly here to hold your hand throughout the full process.

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