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Moving Home in Cornwall

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Taking the Stress Out of Moving Home in Cornwall

When it comes to moving home in Cornwall, the process entails more than just buying a new house; it also involves selling your current one. As a mortgage broker in Cornwall, our main aim is to remove all the hassle from your home move, providing you with a seamless and stress-free experience.

Securing a mortgage for your new home and handling your current mortgage arrangements can feel like a daunting task. Our team of expert mortgage advisors in Cornwall is here to simplify this process for you by finding the most suitable mortgage product that not only fits your financial situation but also saves you time and money.

Book a free mortgage appointment online or by giving our team a call to get your process started.

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Can I port my mortgage when moving home in Cornwall?

When it comes to moving home in Cornwall, the question arises: can I transfer my mortgage along with me?

Porting your mortgage when moving home in Cornwall could be a practical choice for some homeowners. It offers the benefit of maintaining your current interest rate and potentially avoiding early repayment charges.

In cases where you cannot port your mortgage in Cornwall, our mortgage advisors in Cornwall will help you find a new mortgage for your property. With a vast array of moving home mortgage options available in Cornwall, ranging from mainstream banks to niche lenders, we are well-equipped to help you navigate the process and secure a competitive deal.

Get in touch with our mortgage advisors in Cornwall today and find out whether you are able to port your mortgage or not.

Get Your Agreement in Principle in Cornwall

If you are considering a move to Cornwall, it is essential to secure an agreement in principle (AIP) before embarking on your property search. This initial document provided by a mortgage lender gives you pre-approval for a mortgage and can potentially give you an edge when negotiating property prices.

As a dedicated mortgage broker in Cornwall, we can speed up the process of obtaining your AIP, often providing it within 24 hours! Simply get in touch with our experienced team, and we will handle all the details for you.

Get Your AIP in 24 Hours
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Common Moving Home FAQs in Cornwall

What are the costs of moving home in Cornwall?

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Considering moving home in Cornwall? It’s crucial to factor in all the expenses involved to avoid any unexpected surprises throughout the process. Unlike buying your first property, moving home in Cornwall can come with additional costs that need to be taken into consideration.

In addition to the price of your new home, don’t forget about the expenses related to selling your current property. Moving to a larger home in Cornwall might lead to higher mortgage payments, along with potential stamp duty taxes that need to be accounted for.

Standard fees for legal services, property surveys, and mortgage broker assistance will still apply. While these costs should be in line with what you paid for your initial property, it’s important to be prepared for any potential variations.

Interested in a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved in moving home in Cornwall? Get in touch with our mortgage advisors in Cornwall for expert guidance and a comprehensive overview.

What happens if you buy a house and want to move house in Cornwall?

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If you have recently moved homes in Cornwall and are contemplating moving again, you may come across an early repayment charge (ERC) if you are still within the fixed term of your mortgage.

These charges can vary, so it’s crucial to carefully consider your choices. Sometimes, it may be best to see whether you can transfer your current mortgage to your new place. However, if porting isn’t an option, you might have to settle the ERC and explore new mortgage options for the property you plan to buy.

Worry not, as our mortgage advisors in Cornwall are here to assist you in navigating the mortgage process for your new home. With over twenty years of experience in helping clients in the property market, we are well-equipped to handle the complexities and find the optimal solution for your needs.

Can you pay a mortgage off early in Cornwall?

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As a mortgage broker in Cornwall, we understand the differing policies that lenders have when it comes to early mortgage repayments. The rules vary, with some lenders limiting early payments, while others may require an early repayment charge (ERC).

If you’re looking to take advantage of current mortgage rates and pay off your mortgage sooner, our team is here to help you find a new mortgage product that fits your needs. With our network of lenders and exclusive offers, we strive to provide a smooth and hassle-free mortgage process for those looking to move home in Cornwall.

Can I move my current mortgage to a new house in Cornwall?

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Considering a move to Cornwall? It’s important to note that each lender in Cornwall sets its own conditions, and not all of them provide porting options for your existing mortgage. Should you find yourself unable to port your current mortgage to your new home in Cornwall, arranging a new mortgage will become necessary.

As a mortgage broker in Cornwall, we have the knowledge and tools to support you through this change and assist you in securing the perfect mortgage for your new property.

It is wise to seek mortgage advice in Cornwall regarding moving home mortgages. This will give you valuable insights into the process, your borrowing capacity, anticipated monthly payments, and the possibility of porting your mortgage.

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We will never present you with a mortgage product that is not suitable for you or that may result in rejection. Your success in securing the right mortgage for your new home is our ultimate goal.

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Planning for the unexpected is a wise decision that can provide you with peace of mind. We will look at your insurance options with you to make sure that you and your family are protected.

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We understand that the process of buying a new home can be overwhelming, but rest assured that we will be here to answer all your questions and provide you with the support and guidance you need.

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When it comes to obtaining a mortgage for your new home, our team of dedicated mortgage advisors in Cornwall are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Moving Home Mortgage Scenarios in Cornwall

I have bad credit, can I still move home in Cornwall?

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When it comes to moving home in Cornwall with a less-than-perfect credit score, it may pose some challenges, but rest assured, it’s not impossible.

Securing a mortgage under such circumstances can be a bit tricky since traditional lenders might hesitate due to the perceived risks. However, there are still alternatives to explore to turn your plans into a reality.

For those facing credit hurdles, specialised mortgage lenders could offer more viable options. These lenders are often more flexible when assessing applications from individuals with poor credit histories and provide mortgage products tailored to various bad credit scenarios.

As a mortgage broker in Cornwall, we have access to a diverse array of bespoke mortgage offerings crafted specifically for individuals facing credit difficulties.

I need to work out how much I can borrow, can we help?

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When looking at moving home in Cornwall, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your borrowing capacity. We pride ourselves on providing expert guidance and support to make your home-moving process as seamless as possible.

Numerous factors influence the amount you can borrow, including your income, expenses, credit history, and the mortgage type you opt for. Our team of mortgage advisors in Cornwall are readily available to offer personalised assistance.

They will meticulously assess your financial situation to determine a borrowing limit that is tailored to your unique circumstances. By considering factors such as your earnings, existing debts, and credit score, our advisors can offer you a realistic and feasible borrowing range.

Feel free to use our free mortgage calculators online to get a rough figure as to how much you can borrow.

What should I consider when downsizing to a smaller home in Cornwall?

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When considering downsizing to a new home in Cornwall, the initial step is to assess your individual needs and lifestyle preferences. Take into account factors such as the number of bedrooms, layout, and essential amenities that are important to you. Downsizing to a smaller property may require giving up some space, so it is essential to ensure that the new home still caters to your comfort and practicality requirements.

Financial planning is a key consideration when contemplating a move to a smaller home in Cornwall. Downsizing can lead to significant savings, not only in the property’s purchase price but also in decreased utility bills, maintenance costs, and council tax payments.

Nonetheless, it is important to consider all potential expenses, including moving costs, potential adjustments to the new home, and any new furniture or storage solutions that may be needed. Proper financial planning is essential to ensure a smooth transition to your new, smaller home in Cornwall.

Can I remortgage when moving home in Cornwall?

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Yes, you have the option to remortgage when moving home in Cornwall. Making the decision to remortgage while moving involves closing your current mortgage and replacing it with a new one, often to obtain better terms or access equity.

If you are in the process of moving in Cornwall, considering a remortgage could be a smart move to finance your new property purchase. This approach might allow you to secure a more attractive interest rate, adjust the repayment period, or switch to a different mortgage product that better suits your current financial circumstances.

When thinking about remortgaging while moving home in Cornwall, it is essential to review your existing mortgage terms and any potential early repayment charges. Balancing these costs against the benefits of a new mortgage deal is crucial.

Consulting with a mortgage broker in Cornwall can provide valuable advice on whether remortgaging is the right choice for your specific needs.

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